Prophet Haewall

I'll introduce to you a good news.

I decide all matters after I consult with the Prophet Haewall.

The oriental Prophet Haewall had led an ascetic life on Obong Mountain in Kangwon-do from 1960 to Feb.,1980 and came down to this earthly world.

Since then he has guided people from their agony and misfortune to a fortunate way with his miraculous supernatural power.

Last year, there were so many airplane disasters and car accidents worldwide. To give you an idea of the scope, almost ome hundred thousand cases occurred and, out of those, several thousand people died or were seriously injured.
We have developed a special method of protection and I wish to share it with you. If you want to receive it, you should click here for more details. The cost is $300 per person. Please give me a your name and address clearly.

We predict the fortune of your business.

A. You can only be 100% successful in starting a business if you first know the fortune for the business. But, starting the business without knowing its fortune is the same as getting aboard a plane without fuel.

B. The fortuneteller, Mr. Hwang Hye-wol,

received a revelation from God predicting the date of death of China's hero Deung Shao-ping, and his prediction turned out to be true.

Moreover, he surprised the people of the world when his prediction of the big earthquake, that happened in the Nantawoohyun region 150km Southeast of Taipei in Taiwan on Sep. 21, 1999, turned out to be true.

The Korea Herald would like to introduce this mysterious fortuneteller Mr. Hwang Hye-wol to you.

C. If you are preparing your business for the 21st century, the fortuneteller can correctly predict whether you will succeed or not.

D. The fortuneteller correctly foresees the fortune for the business, the fortune for success, the fortune for failure, the fortune for purchases and sales, the fortune for love, the fortune for marriage, the fortune for breaking up, the fortune for passing an examination, the fortune for winning an election, etc.

E. There are 24 types of women's bodies and 20 types of men's bodies, and these are related to lucky or unlucky people.

F. Therefore, when people fall in love or get married their happiness will last forever if they fall in love or get married after receiving counseling from the fortuneteller - by sending their date of birth by E-mail to

G. If you would like to apply for counseling on the fortune for a business, please send your date of birth by E-mail to The fortuneteller will send you your answer by E-mail.

H. The cost of counseling is $100 per person. If you first pay the fee into the Korea Exchange Bank account which you can find on the fortuneteller's homepage, or pay by credit card, then you can apply for counseling. Your application for counseling will be accepted only through the fortuneteller's E-mail:

I. The fortuneteller's homepage is


Tel: 82-2-3477-0794

Fax: 82-2-535-1031

The oriental fortuneteller Mr. Hwang Hye-wol

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H.   The counselling cost for you is $100 per person.  You

will have to wire transfer the money to our bank account

which is available in our fortune teller home page or we

accept credit card.

Bank account: Korea Exchange Bank(Panpo Newcore, Branch)

Account No.: 201-JSD-100288 USD

Beneficiary: Hwang Hee Chun



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